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Magna RX+ Pills

Magna RX+ claims to be a leader in the penis enhancement industry. The Magna RX+ site states that they have "helped over 1 million men worldwide increase their penis size and sexual confidence for over 15 years". The question is: do the pills work?

This product makes a lot of claims:

* more stamina

* harder erections

* better ejaculation control

* a doctor endorsement

* increased desire

* intensified orgasms

That's just to mention a few. If you want to know how it works, there is a neat, accurate diagram of your penis, explaining its functioning, and stating how this product will help increase the amount of blood that engorges it, thus increasing the overall size of your erection.

It is certainly true that the more you use your organs and muscles, the better they will function. Most of them do become larger through regular exercise.

Doctor's Claims

The Magna RX+ Pills are recommended and endorsed by an urologist - Albert O'Connor, MD.

Dr. O'Connor enthusiastically recommends the Magna RX+ Pills to his male patients as a safe and natural way to improve and enhance sexual performance while simultaneously achieving maximum erectile growth.

Dr. O'Connor is a professor of medicine and Chief of Medical Education. He is Chief of Urology as well as a member of his hospital's Board of Directors. Many users give positive testimonials about this product.

There is also a doctor endorsement from a urologist, stating that this product will work for you.


The Mayo Clinic has stated that "no scientific research supports the use of any nonsurgical method to enlarge the penis".

They also caution purchasers to be on the lookout for penis enlargement scams.

Despite that, many doctors have said that pills are a safer alternative method to such radical devices as the penis pump, or to surgery, which can cause scarring and dysfunction.


Magna RX+ pills cost between $18.95 - $59.95 a bottle, depending on where you purchase them. That is for a one month supply.

Negative points

While they make a lot of claims they don't tell you what is in those little pills you're taking, and they should. They should also tell you how much of what is in each unit of what you buy. That becomes a little difficult when you are talking about herbals, and that information me be proprietary as well, but you should get a good approximation of what and how is in it.

* No ingredients

* Site does not give much information

Positive Points

* Positive testimonials

* Fast Shipment

* Great customer service

* Clear privacy policy

* Contact via phone, fax, email, or postal mail


Although Magna RX+ is recommended by a doctor with positive user reviews and the company has great customer service and a variety of contact methods, purchasing a product that does not list its ingredients is not recommended.

This is a buyer beware situation. The company seems trustworthy and reputable, but without knowing what you're getting, how can you make an informed decision?

Remember! Just like drinking protein shakes and taking vitamins will NOT build your biceps without proper bicep exercises. Clearly, Penis Enlargement Pills cannot enlarge your Penis without proper penis enlargement exercises or device...Heck, if penis enlargement pills did significantly increase the penis size, we'd all have 9-inch (23cm) erections and it would no longer be considered a "large penis"- it'd just be the norm!