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"Penis Health Claims to be the Number One Site But How Does it Really Compare?"

Guaranteed Objective Review. We outsourced this review and kept their results.

The Penis Health enlargement program promises a stronger and thicker penis (size increase of 1 to 3 inches in six months, guaranteed) and claims that it can end premature ejaculation, improve the hardness of your erection andpenis health dvd even straighten curved penises. However, they cannot provide compelling, uncontestable evidence about their ability and consistency to deliver results. That’s a gray area that none of these sites dare venture.

One can’t help but tip his hat to the Penis Health website, though, even if you’re the type of person who naturally regards such penis enlarging methods with a raised eyebrow. The Penis Health website is so professionally done and their claims seem so credible (as opposed to “exaggerated”) that you may actually consider their service whether you’re a PeeWee Herman or just a Curious George.

What exactly do they claim? First, their exercise routine is medically endorsed, suggesting that it conforms to medical standards for health and safety. Second, results seem to be assured, judging by their high customer satisfaction rating and their willingness to offer 100% guarantees. Third, the exercise regimen is simple and takes only about seven minutes a day. Fourth, the price is relatively low. And lastly, it compares favorably with other penis enhancement products in the market.

Here’s where they really stand out. Penis Health is one of the few such programs that provide comprehensive video support through hundreds of professional DVD videos for each exercise. Moreover, they boast of one of the biggest and most active membership forums (over 50,000 members) although it’s hard to actually verify this claimed membership.

When it comes to penis enlargement exercise programs, Penis Health clearly appears to be among the leaders of the pack. Their website lists a host of benefits and only a few have a better price ($49.95). The fact that they guarantee results in six months or return your money speaks volumes about their confidence.

Lastly, what impressed us the most are the clinical trials. The biggest negative of all the exercise sites that we reviewed was that there was no scientific event to substantiate the claims. Penis-Health is the first to do this.

Here's the Clinical Trial Summary:

  • Conducted by Synexus & Harrison Clinical Research
  • 50 Men of varying ages and backgrounds
  • 4 x 40 Minute sessions per week
  • 3 Set routines performed over a period of 6 months
  • 2 Highly respected and independent clinical organizations

What we will measure:

  • Erect penis length and penis girth increases.
  • Flaccid penis length and penis girth increases.
  • Feedback on erection hardness, more frequent erections, sexual stamina, sexual libido, confidence, ability to control ejaculations.
  • Partner feedback on all of the above also would they say the sex got better



  • Professional DVDs with voiceover instructions
  • Exercises that have been medically endorsed
  • Fully tested secret routines and exercises
  • Techniques to help improve overall sexual health
  • 100% six-month guarantee
  • Customer service is excellent. Has email support and is one of the few programs that provide telephone support.
  • Membership costs come as a one-off fee.
  • Exclusive customer forums help you learn from experienced members
  • Clinical trials- no other penis enlargement exercise site is undergoing clinical trials.
  • Available on DVD also
  •  Complete freedom to access the full program even when an internet connection is not available
  • Extra privacy if your PC does not always allow you this
    Unlike surfing the net, the history of what you have viewed will never be visible
  • The ability to take your program with you even if you go on holiday
  • Easy access to every single exercise and routine
  • Larger and higher quality videos since the speed of your internet connection and size of your computer monitor are not issues
  • No waiting for videos to load, every exercise will play immediately when selected


  • Like with any program, you must stick with it to realize significant results



If you are in the market for a penis enhancement exercise program, this should be one of your top choices. It is equal or superior to other programs in terms of safety, effectiveness and cost. The inclusion of hundreds of videos in the program is a major bonus.