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Penis Development: Easy, Permanent and Safe but Nothing Extraordinary

Guaranteed Objective Review. We outsourced this review and kept their results.

Penis Development constantly emphasizes three things in its penis enlargement program -- it is easy, permanent and safe. The program also promises greater control over one's erection and ejaculation as well as a host of other enticing benefits. The problem is, everything it has to offer can also be found in other penis enlargement programs. In short, there is nothing new. And at $49.95, there is nothing extraordinary about its price either.

Even the claims it makes are old hat. It promises to increase the size of a man’s penis by one to three inches permanently and safely. It promises to bring about total penile health, improve the circulation of blood to the penis and testicles and give the penis a "muscular" look. It promises to teach a man to develop complete control over his erections and make every erection "as hard as steel." Finally, Penis Development promises to intensify a man's orgasms and increase his "ejaculation volume by eight to 10 times."

Except for the last one, there is really nothing new here. Would you consider the promise to increase a man’s "ejaculation volume by eight to 10 times" a real benefit? Indeed, how can exercise increase the amount of semen in a man’s ejaculation eight to ten times?

Like other similar programs, Penis Development focuses on enlarging and developing the Corpora Cavernosa, the main blood holding chamber of the penis, through exercises that stretch its cells to allow it to store more blood. Theoretically, this will increase the size of the penis, both its length and girth.

As an added bonus, members who sign up now get a free online manual entitled Ultimate Female Orgasm which will teach men "how to give a woman an orgasm every time and leave her asking for more." It will also instruct men on "how to be a master at cunnilingus and how to properly 'tease' a woman."


  • Exercises that have been medically endorsed
  • Fully tested secret routines and exercises
  • Techniques to help improve overall sexual health
  • 100% 6 Month Guarantee
  • Membership costs come as a one-off fee.


  • Does not include professional videos with voiceover instructions, unlike other leading exercise programs.
  • There are no customer forums to help you learn from experienced members
  • Customer service is poor. There is no email support (unlike most exercise programs) and no telephone support.

Like other penis enlargement exercise programs, there are no scientific studies or research figures that support their various claims. Substantiation is merely in the form of customer testimonials.



In a nutshell, Penis Development offers a host of benefits but there is nothing here that you won't find on the leading penis enlargement programs. At $49.95, it is priced competitively but falls way short of the benefits which other enhancement programs in that price range have to offer, specifically instructional videos. In the final analysis, there are far better alternatives out there. This is NOT the program you want to try.