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Penile Secrets: Do Award-Winning Male Enhancement Programs Mean Anything?

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Penile Secrets, like most penis enlargement exercise programs, is based on the fundamental belief that the penis is like any other part of the body – it can become larger, stronger and healthier through proper exercise. The thing that makes Penile Secrets stand out from the rest is that it has actually won an award as the best such program around.

The Penis Enlargement Web, a group whose goal is to research the veracity of penis enlargement claims, voted Penile Secrets as “The World’s #1 Penis Enhancement Program” of 2006. Impressive? Yes, it certainly is. Credible? Well, that’s a different thing altogether. Several things cast doubt on the credibility of this award.

For instance, the Penis Enlargement Web seems to provide more questions than answers as to how its award winner was selected? What criteria did they look at? What results did they measure and compare? Was there an actual study and how many men did it involve? How many countries were covered to support the claim of being number one in the “world”? Without any of this, the award simply lacks any legs to stand on. For all we know, they could simply have picked out five people of different nationalities from the street and asked them to comment on various websites. There is nothing on the website that discounts such a possibility.

It is clear on one thing, though. Penile Secrets explains in detail how its regimen works – through exercises that stretch the cells of the main blood holding chamber of the penis, Corpora Cavernosa, by forcing blood into the cell walls to break them down. These cell walls grow back naturally and become larger and stronger each time they are broken down. The larger they become, the more blood the penis is able to hold and the bigger it gets.

Positives (Based on claims)

  • Exercises that have been medically endorsed
  • Fully tested secret routines and exercises
  • Techniques to help improve overall sexual health
  • Provides online email support.
  • Exclusive customer forums to help you learn from experienced members



  • Does not include professional videos with voiceover instructions, unlike other leading exercise programs.
  • Does not include a guarantee of any kind, unlike other programs.
  • Does not provide telephone support.
  • At $79.95, it is one of the more expensive penis enlargement exercise programs available in the market.

The award is impressive but there is precious little that indicates exactly why they won the award and what kind of methodology was used in determining the awardee.

Like other penis enlargement exercise programs, there are no scientific studies or research figures that support their various claims. Substantiation is merely in the form of customer testimonials.


Plenty of loud thunder signifying nothing. Ultimately, this is what the Penile Secrets “number one” award amounts to – nothing. Do not be swayed into trying this product simply because of its award. In addition, Penile Secrets is one of the most expensive penis exercise programs around yet it provides no money-back guarantee unlike other similar programs. All these combine to make the program a risky proposition.