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Penile Fitness: How True are Claims of 1-3 Inches in 3-6 Months?

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With one of the lowest prices around and a money-back guarantee, the medically endorsed Penile Fitness program offers one of the most attractive male enhancement programs on the internet today, at least as far as its promises are concerned. They confidently claim that most of their clients have increased their penis size by one to three inches after only three to six months. However, like even the best websites of this kind, Penile Fitness fails to provide compelling, uncontestable evidence about their efficiency and dependability.

In terms of consumer promises, Penile Fitness is at par with the leading sites around. They are actually one of the very few such sites that tell customers precisely what to expect, given a particular timeframe. It would have been ideal if they gave actual figures about how many of their supposed thousands of clients actually achieved the promised results in the time they specified.

To illustrate, here is what they claim. After one week, clients can expect noticeable thickness and size increase in the penis during its flaccid state. After two weeks, the penis becomes thicker and longer, the veins seem healthier and stronger and erections are stronger and firmer. After three weeks, the increase in length is more visible (maybe even by a full inch, they say) and there is a noticeable increase in ejaculation volume during climax. After a month, increase in penis length and thickness can be measured at .5 to one full inch. Erections become "steel-like" and clients get "incredible control" over premature ejaculation. After two or three months, the penis will have a new body that is longer, thicker, harder and healthier.

Unlike most websites, Penile Fitness explains clearly how its techniques work by expanding the main penile chamber, the Corpora Cavernosa. This is the same approach adopted by other leading penis enhancement sites.

One unique feature of Penile Fitness is an enhancement technique said to have originated from ancient Sudanese Arabs who passed on their secret from generation to generation. Through this technique, Sudanese adult men are believed to have increased their penis size up to eight, nine or even 10 inches. One would be hard-pressed, however, to find a single Sudanese male endorsing this technique in the testimonials section.


  • Professional videos with voiceover instructions
  • Exercises that have been medically endorsed
  • Fully tested secret routines and exercises
  • Techniques to help improve overall sexual health
  • 100% 6 Month Guarantee
  • Provides online email support.
  • Exclusive customer forums to help you learn from experienced members

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Does not provide telephone support.

Like other penis enlargement exercise programs, there are no scientific studies or research figures that support their various claims. Substantiation is merely in the form of customer testimonials.


In terms of benefits, the Penile Fitness program is comparable to any other male enhancement program available in the market today. Priced at $29.95 (current promo gives a $10 discount), it is also one of the most inexpensive. This program strikes us as one of the most attractive penis enlargement programs available today and it deserves strong consideration.