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Perfect Penis Size “Is my penis the right size?” – as a man, you’ve probably asked this question at least once in your life (if not publicly, you asked yourself). Or better yet: “if I could enlarge my penis, what would the perfect penis size be?”. Since “the right size” and “perfect penis size” are two variables wrapped in relativity, let’s see what characteristics a perfect penis should have to be named as such.

Penis Enlargement Device Information (Broadband Connection) A brief summary on how today's most popular penis enlargement device works (courtesy of Jes-Extender)

SizePro Penis Enlargement Pills SizePro guarantees that their pills will improve your sexual experience. Does it live up to its guarantee?

Master Your Male Orgasm

Enzyte: The Good and The Bad Enzyte is the most popular supplement available for male sexual enhancement. Although it has some critics, it has even more satisfied buyers.

Male Refractory Period Explained The purpose of the male refractory period and powerful techniques to minimize or eliminated altogether.

Dating and Seduction

Erotic Hypnosis An article explaining what erotic hypnosis is, how it works and how it is different than any other fetishes out there.

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"The Kama Sutra Positions For Men- How To Wet Even The Driest Sex Life" Kama Sutra Positions - Learn to turn sex with your partner into a full-course meal, filled with all the naughty things you love to taste, smell, touch and eat instead a fast-food cheeseburger

How to eat pussy Do you know how to eat pussy? Here’s a secret: you can do little wrong with your mouth and tongue. Beyond that, the following tips will help you take oral sex to an entirely new level.



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